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FT Parapetti coperture industriali
Industrial roofs
FT Parapetti Soluzioni a sbalzo
Overhang solutions
FT Parapetti Soluzioni a sbalzo pedonabili
Overhang walkable solutions
FT Parapetti Soluzioni per piani inclinati
Inclinates surface solutions
FT Parapetti Soluzioni tassellabili
Aluminium parapet guardrail


FT spa offers a wide range of temporary safety parapets, certified according to the European standard UNI EN13374, they are able to meet all the needs of workers who require a temporary protection against the falls from height.

A full range made by 12 different models in class "A" and "B" able to provide a response in any situation and for all the roofs.

Strong bodies with mounting distance higher than other competitors; with a huge range of accessories (extensions, plates and special fasteners).

FT SpA extended its product range with the introduction of a full range of aluminum guardrail.